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The Cat Food Can Alcohol Stove weighs just 1.6 oz, will boil a pint of water in four to five minutes using two tbsps of alcohol, and has no moving parts.  Here are the instructions for building one. 
On January 1, 2001, Brian began his attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, 7,371 miles, all in one calendar year.  It had never been done before.  He finished the Calendar Triple Crown on October 27th. 

This is Flyin' Brian's original trail journal, with equipment lists, pictures and long-distance hiking tips.
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The Cat Stove
Brian's Calendar Triple Crown 2001
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  Poncho Plans
Here are instructions for building your own rain poncho for hiking and backpacking.  It can also be set up as a tarp-tent, with your hiking poles.  Brian used one of these on his Triple Crown hike.  This poncho weighs just  9-1/2 ounces! 
Roy's AT Thruhike 2002
On April 7th, 2002, Roy began his Appalachian Trail adventure.  He was successful, reaching Mt. Katahdin, Maine, on September 6.  Click above for his photos and journal.
The Bug Cage
Flyin' Brian's AT Hike 2004
On March 30, 2004, Flyin' Brian and Silver Girl (Sophia Lewis) began their thruhike of the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain, Georgia.  Brian looks forward to hiking this trail "in season" and, for Sophie, this is her first thruhike! 

One problem with using my tarp/poncho as a shelter is its lack of protection from mosquitoes and other flying insects.  My solution is the Bug Cage shown here.  I tested this on my AT thru-hike last summer and was very pleased with it.  It's an easy sewing project that weighs less than 4 ounces!
Link to the Pacific Crest Trail Association
Roy's 2011 Kilimanjaro Climb and Photo Safari
During this past Holiday Season, TrailDad traveled to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on a photo safari in the Serengeti.  This is his "Trail Log" of the climb and a photo gallery of pictures he took on the safari.

This is a large file.  Give it a minute or so to download.  
TrailDad Roy and Flyin' Brian on the PCT in 1999
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